Gusto's Umbrian Wine Adventure

A wonderful Spring day for a Gusto Wine Tour!

Posted in Italian Wine by gustowinetours on May 1, 2010

A Great Gusto Day Out!

We’d  been waiting for what seems like a life-time for some good weather, the winter seemed to be so long.

We hoped and kept everything crossed…. and it worked!  Right at the end of February we had a gift of a day!

We had a lovely day with Dylan, Carley, Lyn and Bruce and it always makes it so much better when the sun is out.

We started at the lovely Cantina Di Filippo.

Tasting at the lovely Cantina Di Filippo

Then we had a pretty drive through the gorgeous countryside towards Montefalco where we found ourselves at a truly family-run cantina, Colle del Saraceno, with the tasting room in a converted room under the family home.  We were told by Maila, the lady of the house that when the weather is warmer, the tastings are held outside in the garden and under the olive trees.  Looking forward to that with the summer guests!

Carley & Dylan tasting the Cantina Colle del Saraceno's own olive oil

After trying their lovely fresh olive oil and then their small but perfectly formed selection of wines including their magnificent Sagrantino secco we left to head for lunch at an agriturismo tucked away in the Umbrian hills.

A Sumptuous Umbrian lunch at Il Rotolone

After the relaxing lunch we drove out once more into the countryside and headed for the delightful Cantina Fongoli. We think this is one of the prettiest Cantine anywhere, full of character and, of course, they have very, very good wines!

Tasting the delicious wines at Cantina Fongoli

The converted bath-tub seat/bed!

The owners’ little one was tired, so he was put on the improvised seating – an old bath-tub!  So cute!

Fongoli Barrel rooms.

The barrel room at Fongoli is a very traditional affair!

... and the tasting room wasn't bad either!

The tasting room was full of old farming and wine making equipment, fascinating to look at – and very photogenic.

It was truly a great day out and I think the quotes of the day came from Carley & Dylan who, while looking around Colle del Sareceno said “This is the best day EVER!” (Carley) and “This is why we’re in Italy, right here, right now!” (Dylan)

Yep!  That about sums it up!

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  1. willemijn said, on May 1, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Looks all very nice!!!

  2. Giselle Stafford said, on May 22, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Hi Willeminjn! Believe me, it was a fantastic day out!

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