Gusto's Umbrian Wine Adventure

My favourite time of year….

Posted in Italian Wine by gustowinetours on October 28, 2010

When you’ve watched the vines bud, flourish, produce bunches of grapes, see the grapes being picked …. I wait with impatient anticipation for the autumn colours to unfold.

…Especially the Sagrantino leaves.  When you look across the gently rolling hills with the rows and rows of vines, you can spot the Sagrantino instantly!

The vines of Cantina Rocca di Fabbri

Can you guess which patch is the Sagrantino?  Yep!  That’s it, that gorgeous russet red!  Beautiful, especially on a gift of a sunny day like today!

Olive trees dominate the countryside at this time of year!

Now isn’t it just the nicest thing that the Italians could do – just for me – Not only do they have an annual public holiday for my birthday, but they arrange for my favourite festival of the year to be held on my birthday too!  I mean, how generous of them!

I’m talking about the new olive oil celebrations, of course!  One of the best places to try a variety of different olive oils – and, yes, they are widely different, is Trevi. In the big villa (follow the smell)  You will find a dozen or so little stalls with this most fabulous liquid! It’ll be a pretty lurid green when it comes out, but, OH! The taste explosion!!  If you get the chance,  this is the time to have olive oil!  And, call me biased, but I know that Umbrian Olive Oil is the best you can get, anywhere, bar none!

Supposedly the oldest olive tree in Umbria.......

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