Gusto's Umbrian Wine Adventure

Trial by fire!

Posted in Italian Wine by gustowinetours on March 25, 2011

So, I am now lucky enough to have a MacBook in my life!  All of you Mac-ers out there know what I’m talking about.

With this new love of my life, I am having a major learning curve – namely creating the new or rather updated website for Gusto.  It was time I took responsibility for my own actions!

I wanted to create something that you would actually feel like reading rather than hastily skim through or leave after the first page!  I hope I am on my way to that level.

It’s in its first stages right now, ‘Mark I’, if you like.  As I learn to navigate through the various ‘road-blocks’ it will improve!

So, please,  take a look at the site – I particularly like the Pics and Vids page – if you’ve been on a tour with us, you may well be featured in one of the slide shows.  Let me know if you see yourself!

As the new season starts we are looking forward to a wonderful year and we really hope to be able to meet you.

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